The project works with grapes, which are purchased from Vayots Dzor region, in the farm of Hin Areni. Vineyards are located on altitude of about 1200 meters above the sea level on two plateaus above the valley of River Arpa. The soil in the vineyards is poor, stony, with high proportion of limestone, with presence of volcanic rocks. The vineyard is planted by modern rules with a density of planting about 3000 vines per hectare. Productivity maintains at a level of no more than 70 centners per hectare for red varieties and not more than 90 centners per hectare for white varieties. The average age of the vines is about 10 years. The project works with two main indigenous grape varieties — Areni Noir and Voskehat. Age of vines is from 9 to 12 years.


Didier Cornelion started his work in Armenia as an oenologist — consultant of Hin Areni project. On this modern winery, located exactly in the village of Areni near the vineyard, Didier makes his own author’s wines. Here there are all necessary equipments for processing the grapes in French style: modern crushers and presses for soft pressing of pulp, temperature control systems, stainless steel tanks. For reserved red wines French oak is planned to be used.


The project team is Didier Cornelion himself, who creates wines, and his partners from Armenia, Vahag Ghazaryan and Rafi Bedrosyan, who oversee the direction of sales and marketing. Didier is an experienced oenologist who has worked for many years in the Chateau of the southern Rhone. As a consultant he worked at the wineries of Tunisia and Uruguay. Winemaker arrived in Armenia, impressed by the ancient history of viticulture, confirmed by archaeological discoveries in Areni-1 cave. Today Didier with his project is one of the ambassadors of wine Armenia in the world.

Vaiots Dzor

Qotot Rose Dry

Alc. 14%, bottle: 750ml

Qotot White Dry

Alc. 14,5%, bottle: 750ml

Qotot Red Dry

Alc. 14,5%, bottle: 750ml